Some 40 years ago the Sportweni Sport Academy was established to fulfill an urgent need for more intensive sport coaching and training during the school holidays. This need was initially felt by rugby playing schools only, but with the introduction of other competitive sports the need moved to other sports at school and club level. This need is still felt at both boys and girls primary and high schools throughout the country.

As the first, and still the foremost sports academy in South Africa, Sportweni has gone from strength to strength coaching more and more of South Africa’s youth in the finer points of their favorite school or club sport. Year after year schools return, giving their pupils a chance to benefit from the intensive coaching Sportweni offers, and in so doing obtain skills which they might not otherwise have achieved.

Today, Sportweni offers intensive coaching weeks for rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and many other sports. Well-known and highly trained coaches from all over the country supervise these training courses, as well as the competitive matches played. Sportweni also hosts many golf tours, and provide golfers the opportunity to play golf on some of South Africa’s best and well-known golf courses. We can even tailor make any tour package to suit your need, no matter how big or small.

Sportweni, currently uses the sport fields of Port Shepstone High School and the Port Shepstone Country Club. From here the smooth running of all the different sporting activities taking place in the area, are coordinated. All the places of accommodation available, are within easy reach of the sporting venues.

Participation by kids in any of Sportweni’s sports courses will not only gain them a better understanding of the sport, but they will also learn to interact with other young people. As a bonus these kids also get the opportunity to spend their free time relaxing and enjoying the sunshine on some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches.

What We Offer

A healthy balance

Between competitive participation, coaching & ‘time-out’ to relax & enjoy the sea, sun & beach.


A network forum for knowledge and skills development.


Organised, co-ordinated and managed programmes.